Thursday, March 13, 2003

So I did ecstacy again on Saturday night while I went to the World (a retro club in Hollywood). It was the first time I had done ex in almost two years. It wasn't a good trip at all. Perhaps The World isn't the best place to take ex, the music was really obscure, everything from James Brown, Oasis, the Beatles, and The Cure. I found myself standing outside at the smoking patio, watching the cigarette smokes fly and disapper into the thin air. I got Shannon drunk, and she kept yapping away at me like bumble bee. I found myself looking through her, as if she wasn't even there. I was just a warm body for her anyway.

The World used to be so exotic when Jessica took me there. There were goths, mods, and pencil-necked geeks everywhere, it was so different, it was so dangerous. And now it is a desert, dried up, and colorless.

After I left Shannon, I ended up taking my computer and my headphones and went to a desert parking lot, and started writing again. I wrote for a good two hours. Ex does some weird stuff with me when I'm on it. I write like a madman. I listened to the Chemical Brothers, and wrote stuff that I haven't been able to comprehend just yet.

The world makes sense to me when it is written on paper or typed on a computer screen. I find myself at peace with the world; I piss on the concrete every 30 minutes or so, and I'm teething like a maniac, but it made sense. Ex has definitely lost its intensity on me. I used to be able to fly like superman, live like Home Simpson, dance with elephants, and swim with the guppies. And now all I can do is lean against a wall and watch 16 year old girls try to bum a drink off of me.