Thursday, July 26, 2007

praise of love

and so then
the first moment
do you remember names
or adjectives
no, no
perhaps nothing was said
the end of indifference
and then you smile
like the sun
swallowing us
in a tender

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


infinite sadness
Originally uploaded by Lush.i.ous
mostly composed of nouns/verbs/adjectives.
a compose of letter that become words.
i am left in anxiety
counting numbers instead
days, hours, minutes, seconds,
at 11AM those are what matters most
when you anticipate.
sitting in a room,
too empty for solace,
waiting to the grasp your skin one more
a composition starts with a premise,
but this one will start with a dream
through a rabbithole.

a dream about icicles forming on my ceiling
on the hottest of nights,
watching it a ferment,
and swirl in circles
creating fingers that fan out
like a blooming flower.

these are my dreams,
since i left her cozy world.
Merely dreams to keep me
distracted until those numbers
become zeros.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

To The Dogs

When the dogs bark, I taste July.
I fall into circulation.
I crave faux fur.
I miss the taste of pineapple.
I miss my toys.
I gulp liquid anti-freeze.

When the dogs bark, I drown in tears.
I get ravenous for onions.
I want to fly to distant lands.
I change my name to Jean-Paul.
I change my name to Leona.
My name changes itself to Buster.

When the dogs bark, the road crackles like a frying pan.
The verses disappear into the pavement.
The dictionary smokes meaning into nothing.
I stare at the blank wall.
I taste serendipity.
I see myself totally naked.
I am vulnerable.

When the dogs bark, eagles swoops over the house.
The stereo gets a panic attack.
The oven trembles for fear.
The trees pull out their roots for freedom.
I translate ancient texts into pornography.
I rip the windows open to let the lightning
and madness inside.
The cat sings lullabies.
I don't have a cat.

Barking dogs!

And I remind myself...
The moon is a hanging white poppy!
The moon is a hanging white poppy!
The moon is a hanging white poppy!
The moon is a...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Jersey Joe's RV

Jersey Joe's RV
Originally uploaded by Lush.i.ous
Sometimes you can go crazy on your RV.